15 Integrated Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business

Table of Contents

  • #1 Utilize Your Location
  • #2 Updated Website Content
  • #3 Offer Communication
  • #4 Target Market Availability
  • #5 Physical Copy
  • #6 Radio / Podcast
  • #7 Power Of QR Codes
  • #8 Word Of Mouth
  • #9 Mixtapes!
  • #10 Video Communication
  • #11 Story Telling
  • #12 SMS
  • #13 Loyalty Programs
  • #14 Communication Through Printables
  • #15 Social Media

What Is Integrated Marketing Communications?

Integrated Marketing is utilizing all channels of communication to maximize your brand outreach consistently across all platforms.

In this article, we will go over the most effective ways to communicate your business. Don’t miss out on any of these online and offline techniques.

Make sure your business is utilizing all accessible channels of communication to maximize your brand exposure, learn more with JoyAlways Media.

1. Utilize Your Location (offline)

Owning a physical brick and mortar may be your most expensive asset, this is why businesses need to leverage their location, and squeeze as much value as possible within their own reach first.

BIG SIGNS let people know who you are and what you do while operating your business. Any foot traffic in and around your location should be full aware of what your business has to offer to the community, and any specials you might have going on at the moment. One amazing thing some eateries offer is free samples! These give people a small taste of delicious food ultimately driving them to purchase a meal, or a couple of meals..

You are not just limited to your standing business location. I mean it really doesn’t take long to see city picket signs promoting your next council member, or those groovy sign twirlers that really catch your attention. Take your business to the next level by utilizing your location! For example if you are in an inner city, try playing a game of treasure hunt with your audience.

By engaging on platforms with live steaming capabilities (most all social networks) your can engage with your audience in real time, and real life.

location integrated marketing

Schedule timely and fun events your audience can look forwards to. What of the most valuable pieces information that you can obtain if what your audience thinks of what your’e doing, and what they want to see in future content! Essentially your audience is directly letting you know what will get the most traffic towards that specific piece of content, and you should take notes. All of this is really easily especially with live streams being recorded.

2. Updated Website Content (online)

Think of your website as your own online real estate. Owning a website provides prospective clients with a platform to reach you and learn about your business 24 hours a day. This is YOUR platform to express what your’e brand truly represents and who your target audience is. It’s as simple listing the services you offer, and proving a fast reliable way to get in contact to purchase said services. Now the possibilities with Web Design are endless, this is why we recommend developing your website around your audience. All the bells and whistles may be nice, but they should be adding value to your prospective clients as they visit your website.

Adding content can be as easy as taking pictures of your business. Interior / exterior photographs provide your audience and any prospective clients a view of what to expect when visiting your business. Show off your amazing cakes, expand from just over the counter. Your new display that is open 24/7 and ready to take any orders all hands free. Now this is just one way your content can help drive potential customers to your business. Getting creative and having fun with the strategy process can make content marketing campaigns much more successful. Looking to revamp your website? Learn about web design on JoyAlways Media.

3. Offer Communication (offline/online)

The interaction value of speaking with another human being is irreplaceable. Now we are all about leveraging all forms of communication to your prospective client, however the customer support your business provides to inbound audience should be upheld to one of your highest standards. Sometimes it’s about keeping it simple. Something as basic as a business telephone is a huge asset of a business, but can also negatively impact your efforts if left neglected.


Communication should be streamlined across the board, and potential customers need to be able to easily access you contact information. One great way to gather calls instantly is by adding a call-to-action on your website! By eliminating the hassle of typing in a phone number, your prospect will surely dial your correct line and not be frustrated, as long as you pick up


4. Be available to your Target Markets (offline/online)

Right now somebody out there is searching for your business! What you need to do is show up at the most convenient time and place for your prospective client. Whether this involves some form of Direct Mailing list or technical SEO for your website, your business needs to be able to be easily found both online and offline.

One way we can do this is by establishing a prominent color scheme / aesthetic that represents your brand. For example McDonalds has iconic colors that can be recognized all over the world. You know your eating their specific fries just based on looking at that giant red box. It is their signature shape, color, and overall style that provides a lifelong memorable brand in peoples minds. Translating this same detail to your business in this digital day and age is necessary.

Have you properly established your Google My Business properly ? Is your audience able to send reviews and comments about your establishment? These are key things that every local business must use in order to maximize potential traffic to their location. Now a days most people are utilizing some form of device to find their solution.

Google reinforces this by concluding that over 60% of searches occur on mobile, as well as voice search now on the rise. New high tech devices are making it easier for consumers to get home repairs done, and a plethora of other services with just a view words.

targeted seo

Another excellent and proven way to establish a solid source of high quality traffic is to be found in various different forms of search indexes. Find specifically what websites or media your audience is using to find their solutions, and make sure you show up there. This may include optimizing your website for SEO capabilities with meta tags, H1 titles, alt texts, and an in depth URL restructuring if necessary in order to get your business a high Search Engine Placement.

One of the most effective things you can do right now to boost your SEO rankings is to create creative content that is unique to your business or service. To learn more, check out or SEO based in Los Angeles CA.
Integrated Marketing really plays a role when trying to develop a strategy for Search engine optimization. Because we are preparing for the long run, following these integrated marketing communication examples may help expand your business.

5. Physical Copy (offline)

Having readily available print your prospects can take home is key way in expanding your business locally. Simple things such as a well designed business card can help make a great first impression for new businesses. Other forms of physical copy include take home coupons. Offering a discount or further incentive to return to your location soon will keep your business in your prospects mind. If you provide an exceptional service to your client, they will likely recognize your business and put your piece of copy on their fridge! Everyone still has some type of board or place where they keep things they like, and need to remember at a later date.

One age old technique that is still greatly effective today is simple a well design Flyer. An eye catching and informative flyer can do wonders for local business, eateries, and events of all shapes and sizes. To this day we see major event companies such utilize flyers at any accessible events they can promote at. Do you know why? Because sending their best piece of content directly towards their TARGET MARKET.

6. Radio / Podcast (online)

It’s all about diversifying your traffic in order to maximize your reach, especially with all of this technology. That’s why expanding to a voice broadcasting is such a great idea if you have not started already. Yes there are thousands of available radio stations. However most people are using their listening devices for on demand content. This includes their favorite musicians on various streaming platforms, as well as select podcast tailored to their interest.

Establishing a place where your audience can expect you on a weekly basis is great to create another channel that you can nurture anywhere you would like. For example, starting a podcast can be done very easily by anyone. You can grow a following uploading your podcast to YouTube or do a mix mash between podcast and graphics. If down the road your audience expands exponentially, you would want to set up a website as soon as possible. This is all easily done because your audience is already


established and will likely follow you to your new main content channel that you own under your authority.

Another great strategy to utilize voice broadcasting would be to have fun with other content creators. You should be engaging with your audience, as well as other members in your field. Make new friends while building long lasting connections by sharing your ideas with fellow content creators and guest post. Maybe set up a collaboration together to maximize each others reach and find new audiences.

7. Power Of QR Codes (offline/online)

Although the technology has been available for some years, not nearly people are utilizing the power of QR Codes. The potential is endless with this emerging platform that provides users instant access to information anywhere in the world. QR codes can be the major way to pay for people such as in in China. With the latest apple devices now providing a native QR Code reader, use will likely increase across the world in the coming years.

You don’t have to be limited to the very recognizable black / white QR concept either. Many online services offer custom QR Code generation through their platforms in order to customize your user experience. By implementing your brand in your codes, your stand out from the rest in just another category above your competitors. Note that you may link your new codes to various types of platforms connected to the web. You should customize the information and value your offering depending where and why you are posting your QR Codes.

For example if you are starting a new campaign prospect city, you may want to integrate QR codes with your new location! Posting signs with a giant QR Code and your business logo or catch phrase will definitely catch some peoples attention. It’s all in the game of standing out from the rest and how much effort you are willing to put in order to achieve another potential view for your business.

8. Word Of Mouth (offline)

Quite possibly the most effective way to generate new potential clients. Referrals Referrals Referrals. You do not want to be remembered for providing a half fast service. Grow your business the right way by getting the job done right the first time and outshining your competitors with your skill set. The more value you can provide for your client, they more likely they will refer your business to a friend!

word of mouth

We have all tasted a delicious slice of pizza, maybe at a new place in town. Immediately this restaurant sticks in your mind, as well as the flavor of the pizza. Now whenever your bound to get into a social topic about food or who knows, pizza, you are most likely going to share that really awesome experience you had that you just can’t get out of your mind because it was that good. Are you getting it? Make amazing pizza, get amazing customers that share your business! Yum

9. Mixtapes, Yes Mixtapes (offline)

Really? Yes.
Would you really say no to one? Okay maybe, but the power of a personalized mix tape shouldn’t go underestimated. We’re not just talking about burning your song and passing them out in a mall. Why not get creative with one of the long forgotten forms of marketing? Not everyone may have radio or CD player, but most people have access to a physical computer with a read / write optical drive. They will especially find access when they know it’s the only way to obtain select information. Almost using out dated technology as a form of urgency between the audience and prospective clients.

You might also be thinking of similar data capable devices, maybe something more modern like USB drives. A tad bit more expensive in cost, I would recommend these only if you are going for the more premium feel. Or maybe custom USB drives are the way to go, there are plenty of ideas you can take this with so just get creative.

10. Video Communication (online)

Over half of total media is consumed through the form of video. Getting a camera and hitting record may be one of the easiest ways to get exposure worldwide now a days. Most business can be utilizing video as a form of communication to get more clients, so why aren’t they? Maybe you should share this article with your friend to let them know how they can benefit! Lets say you own a restaurant curating a specific cultures food, for example Japanese sushi. Documenting your culinary process may separate your business from the majority.

video communication

You might just be creating content for sushi lovers all over the world, and now can leverage that traffic to your physical location because you documented what you were already doing as a business. Whether that means taking on new hires for your restaurant to keep up with demand, or prospecting locations for a new restaurant the possibilities are endless. Video doesn’t not have to be on one platform s well. Although YouTube is the biggest platform for video content, your videos can be shared and embedded on any platform imaginable.

Embedding videos into your website content can actually help boost your search rankings and we mention this in our how to SEO guide available here learn more.

11. Story Telling (offline/online)

A very unique way to convey your message is to tell it through a story. Communicating your brand through a story can be a long thoughtful process where you essentially create an amazing ad, or you let the audience create the story for you. For example, why not challenge your audience to create their own content that is unique to your brand? Will they do it? The only way to find out would be to test!

Story telling is unique per idea and business. This is why it resonates with people for so long, and can will always be attributed with your brand. One way to let your audience create the story is to ask them directly about their experience. If you are furnishing new fireplaces and mantles for family homes, why not capture their experience in a memorable fashion that’s unforgettable. The memories created surrounding the family fireplace are priceless. This is why you should share the beautiful new fireplace that you were able to create for said family, and share how happy they are with it. Maybe document what it specifically means to them; why they chose a design or material.

12. SMS (offline)

SMS, commonly known as simple text messaging is still a great way to connect and engage with your customers to this day. Great for restaurant owners looking to display their new hot special they’ve just created, or night clubs latest event in town. The benefits of utilizing SMS can expand to any business ready to take the next level.

All you have to do to start is collect contact details! This can be done socially at events when integrated with Physical Copy as mentioned in step 5. By plugging in the value that you offer on the spot, the impulse decision a person makes can change radically. If it appeals to the view they will keep it and boom you just made a new contact. One really easy ways to collect phone numbers is by setting up some form of kiosk where customers can expect to receive personalized deals when visiting your location in the future. This all may be tied in with this next one..

13. Loyalty Programs (offline/online)

Every business should have some program set up in order to grow the lifelong value of their clients. This can be great for services that people tend to get on a weekly / monthly basis. In order to benefit your customers and your business together, offering loyalty programs may entice your clients to continually return for long periods of time.

loyalty program

There’s quite a few ways to go about this, can be digital or physical. Some businesses use their own rewards systems that integrate with digital wallets stored on peoples devices. Others have opted in for collecting data (cell numbers) and linking the loyalty system with customer information. One of the simplest ways is to provide customers with a physical copy they can keep and return to the store with, like a stamped or hole punched card. Just be cautious that there it has the potential to get lost if not stored somewhere online.

14. Communication Through Printables (offline)

You can print literally anything now a days! Printable t-shirts, bracelets, coffee mugs, sweaters just print it all. You don’t have to necessarily merchandise the item, in fact, a unique piece of print for free can provide a great experience for your audience at any event. One great way to spread your idea or business is giving away free t-shirts! Especially if you have spent the time creating an eye catching and meaningful design, if it’s made for the right audience they will love it.

We see this all the time when artist throw their custom merch into the crowd, and catching one can put a smile on anybody’s face.

15. Social Media (online)

Last but not least, you want to be able to communicate to your target audience using social media. Chances at least some of your audiences is on a social platform, so being seen and recognized across the board is highly important. You want to position your business with dell diversified traffic sources. For example, never depend on just one social platform to display ads for your services. If something goes south and you can no longer utilize this channel of traffic, what do you do now? Instead after dominating one channel, expand to other channels of communication to diversify your sources of traffic and keep your business afloat.

A diversified business should consider integrative marketing when establishing their social media presence. Because of the vast amount of platforms out their, stick to the ones that your audience is on, as well as where prospective clients may be searching for you. if you are a freelance graphic designer, your work should be put on websites like behance to maximize your exposure to your audience. The people visiting behance may be looking for high quality work and or services to be completed, and that is how you show up where your prospective clients are looking.

Once a designer dominates behance, they can provide excellence service and move to referrals / word of mouth. Again dominate, expand, and diversify your campaigns with integrated marketing.

In Conclusion

Integrated Marketing plays a dominate role in this day and age. You don’t have to be on every single channel of communication, however you really should be utilizing the most effective ones for your business. Thank you for reading our 15 ways to communicate your business with integrated marketing. If you would like to learn more head over to our blog located here! You can also request information and partner up with JoyAlways Media.

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