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Hello and Welcome! Wonder why your website isn’t getting as much traffic as it deserves? Make sure you are utilizing these 10 Search Engine Optimization techniques for your website.

  • #1 Valid SSL Certificate (HTTPS)
  • #2 Mobile Optimize Website
  • #3 Title Click Through Rate
  • #4 Leverage Social Signals / Shares
  • #5 Embed Video Content
  • #6 Speed Up Page Loading Times
  • #7 Create Infographics / Content For Backlinks
  • #8 Target Audience With Keywords
  • #9 Consistent URL Structure
  • #10 Interlinking Content

Technical aspects can get overwhelmingly complicated, but we already did all the hard work for you. Follow these techniques and your SEO will improve over time.

In this guide, you will learn 10 things that you must have optimized to maximize search engine rankings in 2019 and beyond. Don’t let your creative content go unseen. Increase organic traffic to your business website by implementing these 10 SEO Optimization Tips.

Tip #1 Have A Valid SSL Certificate

A SSL Certificate shows that you’ve taken the proper steps to secure your visitors information through encryption.  With browsers like Google Chrome now actively warning users about sites without a SSL certificate on the rise, making sure your website is secure is priority. Here’s 10 points on the SEO Guide your website needs to be following in order to maximize traffic.

The benefits of SSL go beyond website data security, as having a valid certificate may be a deciding factor between your website ranking in a search query. It’s more than just credit card information, any data like emails / usernames have the possibility of being intercepted. Thankfully, getting a valid SSL is easier than most people think.

Major domain name registrars like Namecheap offer reliable SSL certificate additions for newly registered domain names. If you currently have a domain with no SSL, rest assured at JoyAlways we provide our clients with the benefits and security of SSL. Start establishing trust with your audience securing a valid SSL certificate for your website.

To check if you currently are secure, check your URL. A secure site uses “HTTPS” while non secure sites use “HTTP”.

Tip #2 Mobile Optimize Your Website

One of the most important tips in the How To SEO Guide.
With over 60% of Google searches now occurring on some form of mobile platform, business owners need to make sure they are able to be found on all devices.

Only the top websites that provide users with mobile optimized UX and design reap of the benefits of search index traffic.

When a website is not properly optimized for mobile optimization, they run the risk of building a bounce rate from lost visitors. Users make their decision in seconds whether or not you have the information your looking for, this is why we optimize our websites for all viewing platforms so users on all devices can quickly access your website.

In order to keep the lowest possible bounce rate, provide all users with professional UX and UI management for  your website.

Having a high bounce rate can potentially affect your viability in potential search rankings. Google loves to provide relevant content to their users to optimizing your content correctly and continually leaning what they like will maximize your your organic traffic in search rankings. Be sure to work well with designers/developers when posting to your website.

Add a call to action specifically for mobile users. One thing local business can do is to implement a “Call Now” Button on their landing page. If your running ads, why not directly capture a phone call straight from the screen?

All it takes is one click for your a potential client to ring your business telephone line. Utilize the mobile search to your advantage with similar UX integration in your web design and development.

Tip #3 Optimize Titles For Click Through Rate

*AVOID CLICKBAIT* at all cost – seriously…Now that we know how to keep to traffic on our site, optimizing your post titles will drive more users to your site. A high Click Rate titles is a piece of copy that attracts and compels the reader choose your website over others.

How well does your site currently stand among the rankings of competitors?  Optimize your website titles for search engines by curating for what your audience is looking for.
In order to title with a high CTR yourself, look at some easy to follow examples by searching for terms yourself!

For example, if you are looking for food recipes, finding a post of the 3 easy to make dishes in that specific branch of food might be a very tasty read.

Try to avoid bland sounding headings written by a robot. A good trick to check if you have a well optimized title is to read it aloud. If it flows well and not to trying to instantly sell, but instead provides value and displays the benefit of reading, you got a good SEO optimized high CTR title.
Learn how to stand out in a crowded marketplace by developing unique titles for your visitors.

Optimize your blog post titles with free WordPress plugins like YoastSEO. *Avoid duplicate listings of previous published titles*

Tip #4 Up Your Social Signals / Shares

There are thousands of new blog post constantly circulating social media making the rounds of each user. Social Media provides users with a platform to share user generated content with like minded individuals. When businesses can connect and engage with their audience the right way, they can tap into the vast key information network that Social Media has developed. Valuable insights and analytics are provided by major platforms about how users interact with your post.

Google on the other hand utilizes this key data and recognizes that people are talking about your content. Developing a strong domain authority over time should be a longer term plan so building up social signals and shares is not a bad idea at all. Making sure your direct URL is referenced attract new visitors. One key while posting blog links on social media is to optimize your title and picture for each specific platform Ex: Cutting down length on titles on Facebook.

Another great way to build some outside signals would be utilizing page directories. Make sure your business & website are listed under local / abroad website listings. Some local directories to add to would be Google My Business, Yelp, YellowPages. Target specific market audience with keywords by listing in directories of your specific business niche.

facebook JoyAlways Media
instagram JoyAlways Media
YouTube JoyAlways Media

Tip #5 Embed Video Content Into Your Blog Post

Video is continually making up the majority of media consumption year after year. The most used search platforms are Google and YouTube. Paring them together yields amazing search traffic when done correctly. The benefits of video content go beyond SEO, but do have a major impact on how easily your business is found and the type of audience you attract. We all know the saying don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.

Make sure your sources of traffic are diversified by creating and posting on unique free channels of communication such as YouTube, FaceBook, as well sa Instagram.
You don’t have to be a big Media Celebrity to get tons of traffic for free. Just know what your audience is looking for, and make sure you show up with something amazing that can really help them out.

Video lets people get a feel for who you really are and what your mission is. It is a platform that allows people to connect with body language, instantly via video call or stored on YouTube for millions to see.

Do we have to mention the biggest search index also owns the largest video platform? If you are not utilizing video content marketing in 2019 and beyond, you are missing out on potential business relationships in the long run.


Site speed is taking over as a major factor in your potential search rankings on indexes like Google. We all know the pain of a unbearably slow loading website. Provide your viewers with a premium digital experience by optimizing your website for blazing fast speeds.

One of the biggest factors that affects site speed is your hosting provider. Choosing the right solution to host your website can be tricky, however there are many excellent options for new and advanced users. Some dedicated platforms like WPEngine ensure that your entire website hosting experience is optimized for WordPress. This means that you are getting the best bang for your buck with premium optimized site loading speeds, and they have the results to prove it.

Stay weary of relatively cheap hosting. Premium online real estate benefits business in the long run with lasting search engine results, as well as happy and returning users. Be sure to take care of your website and keep updates / backups regularly.

Tip #7 Add Info-Graphics To Your Content

infographicInfo-Graphics are the icing to any delicious cake. Be sure to add plenty of images, but specifically compelling info-graphics that give your readers some tremendous value. Graphics really shine when describing a certain process  or showing statistics to benefit your audience. Utilize images to engage with your audience and maximize your exposure.

Be sure to save info-graphics in an optimized PNG format  to maximize quality while maintaining a low file size. A High Quality graphic should have clear, legible text with an easy to understand flow of events. Numbers / Values should be presented in larger typefaces while information is easier on the eyes with a decreased weight.

All of this will help your website when ranking for specific phrases / keywords in an article. Post with high quality information  graphics usually receive an increase in referring links, as well as an overall increase in share-potential with untapped audiences. Increase your social shares by adding relevant images to your site, and build your domain authority with this how to seo guide.

Tip #8 Pairing Keywords With Target Audience

Before writing any content, make sure to research who your writing it for, and your visitors are expecting to find when they click your content. It all starts with a Conversion Optimized Title sprinkled with the correct key words to target your market audience. Implement some keyword research tools like Neil Patel’s UberSuggest. This free web tool allows users to dive into the similar key phrase searches that are relevant to your topic. For instance if someone is searching for type of coffee, some relevant popups would types of coffee roast, coffee grinders, coffee makers, you get the idea.

Plenty on information to utilize when searching for target key words you are thinking about ranking for. Creating content for your user is key, matching it up with a powerful search engine optimization strategy will get your content seen by people who are already looking.

Tip #9 Consistent URL Structure

One great way to keep your content organized is to strategically structure information so it’s easiest to be found by your users. This usually means creating a brief selection of category topics while filing any subtopics under the same category. Essentially you are creating an index anyone, including bots and webcrawlers, can scrawl through the information and content that you provide.

Your URL Structure should stay small, and apply to relevant content on the page. What all this means is that you want to keep your URLS simple and effective. Structure them so that anyone browsing your site can quickly catch on and flow with your content / how it is presented.

Example:     A phone repair business would want to have a URL structure according with the services they provide. / services / screen – repair            <— no mumbo jumbo scrambled numbers

Tip #10 Interlinking Content

One of the best ways to keep visitors browsing your website is to provide easy to access interlinked content. Interlinking your content means that your different blog post are supporting one another by linking to various other relevant topics. Another great benefit is to boost your Search Engine rankings by letting Google know what your entire overall site is about. When Google sees relevant information on different parts of your website linked through one of your main pillar content post, the rest of your post will be supported as well.

You may just start seeing increases of traffic over time by going back into old content and interlinking them with new  recent pages. Interlinking can also be done outbound as well. For example be sure to quote and source any outside news or study findings articles to provide accurate and updated information.

You can usually tell content in an article or post is interlinked with something when it is highlighted in color / underlined similar to this. <- interlinked with blog post


Thank You For Reading

We appreciate the time you have taken to read our How To SEO Guide for 2019 and beyond. Implement these tips and tricks to boost your organic traffic and overall search index rankings. If you would like to learn more about how JoyAlways provides business with creative content marketing strategies and search engine optimization, contact Joy Always today.

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