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First we will have a zoom meeting!

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Total Customization

Going for something specific and tailored to your brand? We understand. Every part of a JOY website can be customized thanks to WordPress.

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Don’t be left in the dark when pages are underperforming. Be on the ball when it comes to how users interact with your website by tracking their movements within.

What’s Included!

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Client Booking

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Frequently Asked Questions


How Does It WOrk?

This helps us align with your goals!

  1. You’ll describe to us what your perfect website would be. We learn about your motivations and expectations so the final result is up to your standards!
  2. During the video meeting we’ll sketch and mockup some ideas to quickly get your feedback.
  3. A plan is made moving forward with how we can best help you (web design / development).
  1. We don’t require much but appreciate the following: logos, product images, copywriting, brand elements, videos, team headshots.
  2. Your website page structure (wireframe) is established. 
  3. Each page get’s their own unique structure. Multiplied pages are $5 each per month. Best for blogs and shops with dynamic content.
  1. We  send you mockups of your website for approval before development.
  2. Any changes to your page structure can be requested through portal.
  3. Revisions get reported to your manager. Developers get to work ASAP with under 3 business day turnover.
  1. Yes! WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System). This powerful, opensource software runs over 43% of all websites!
  2. We set up custom blog templates so your writers can easily write & publish articles. You can also submit content to JOY to be posted.
  3. Looking for custom functionality? We can setup lead collection forms, pricing tables, animation effects + much more.
  1. Enter in your URL and see your site live (password protected). 
  2. Let us know your feedback (We value your opinion) Any changes you need will be made.
  1. Setup a countdown page & timer at no extra cost! You can even collect emails while your site is being made.
  2. Get a deck of social media optimized post to show the transformation of your website (before & after).
  1. No problem! Need to get content on your site? We use standard file hubs to transfer data! Your favorite tools (Google Drive, Dropbox) integrate perfectly with our workflow.
  2. Submit to your manager what you would like done! All request will be directed to engineers for rapid development & testing.
  3. Guaranteed revisions to be completed under 3 business days. Can get done instantly for emergencies.

What Can I Ask Joy For?

Ofcourse! Have an idea in mind? 😃

  1. We can put that into a design! Be original online with a one of a kind website that impresses visitors.
  2. Not sure where to start? JOY can do all the brainstorming and work so you can relax!
  3. Really like a feature from (x) website? Let us know! We’ll see how we can integrate something similar.


  1. Now you need somewhere to host, and someone to develop it! That’s where we come in 😃.
  2. Send us any files you have (figma, xd, png, jpg) that we can use to develop from!.
  1. Of course! We can make one main blog page for easy navigation. Then you can leverage our page multiplier by designing one blog post template .
  2. Once we make a blog template, you can use it over and over again. This helps maintain congruent site-wide appearance.
  1. What type are you looking for? A whole section with text and a button? A small popup icon that triggers a funny animation? We interested either way!
  2. Be specific or as broad as needed! This kind of lies in the copywriting of your website. Now we might be charging for this in the future but as of April 2022, writing is included!
  1. Yes! Thanks to wonderful people around the world, we have access to millions of real life photos, graphics, icons, textures, backgrounds, videos + much more.
  2. All content comes from Canva, Pixabay, Pexels, & Unsplash.
  1. Sure thing! Send us any titles, slugs, meta-data, cover images, or keywords!

What Doesn't Joy Do?

  1. This is best done by your CEO! Joy does help with this process only if needed.
  1. Not our speciality yet! For now we leverage organic traffic from various channels. Mostly free.
  1. Another one of those things that’s best done by your CEO! We have a simple process that anyone can use to write amazing content. (Ask manager for more info)
  1. All of our websites are built from the ground up! This ensures we don’t run into problems we can’t fix. We only migrate content (images, copywriting, links).

Pricing Questions


  1. We use zoom for video meetings to talk about projects. This is included with your plan.

$50 designed once. $5 multiplied.

  1. Best for websites that need to showcase lot’s of content! Especially great for blogs & shops.

Maybe! Here’s what we do:

  1. Save time trying to devlelop yourself.
  2. Reduce cost from hiring expensive agencies that do the same thing.
  3. Eliminate confusion by working directly with designers & developers.
  4. Fix slow pages and make images optimized.
  5. Clarify message by adding call to actions such as buttons, popups, sticky footers / headers + more.
  6. Reduce cost by providing premium hosting with SSL & daily backups.
  7. Eliminate time spent searching for usable images, videos, icons, etc.


  1. We will hold your website hostage..just kidding! 😂 We will however send you your website file package so you can do as you wish 👍
  2. REMINDER! Your URL (website link) will load to nothing once disconnected from JOY servers. Be sure to make previous arrangements!

Looking to have more than 1 website built with JOY?

  1. We offer a 20% discount on all websites after your first subscription. Message your manager for more info 😎